Venice, enchanting reality

Venice, enchanting reality

Venice, enchanting reality located partly on land and partly on water, is globally known for its particular features and for its charm. Rich in history and full of art, Venice is all to be discovered walking through its small streets, the typical “calle”. Its historic center is the most splendid part of it and, in addition, branches out on over a hundred smaller islands. Thanks to its urban peculiarities and to its historical and artistic heritage, Venice is considered one of the most beatiful cities of the world. Moreover, it has been included, along with its lagoon, in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Venice means architecture, art, fashion and charm. But Venice means also masks and “gondole”, the classic Venetian boats, unmistakable symbols of the city.

As said, the town offers a huge quantity of emotions to discover and you are free to choose if you prefer to visit Venice alone or with the help of a local guide.

However, once you get there, you can’t miss the visit to the islands of Murano and Burano, both colorful and fascinating.

How to reach Venice?

Venice can be reached by car, train or bus. Public transport offers numerous daily connections that will bring you directly to the heart of the city.


From Bibione you have to reach the closest train stations (Portogruaro-Caorle or Latisana-Lignano-Bibione), both 25/30 minutes-driving from Bibione) and take the train to “Venezia Santa Lucia”. After an hour, getting off at Santa Lucia station, you will find yourself facing the sea and you’ll understand how easily you have reached the city center.

For more information on timetables and prices visit the official website of Trenitalia


Alternatively, if you want to reach Venice by bus, there are direct connections every day starting from Bibione’s station (via Maja).

Visit the official website of ATVO to find detailed information.

Have a lot of fun! We are sure that you’ll appreciate the city of Venice!