Bibione Thermae, peaceful moments

Bibione Thermae, peaceful moments

Bibione Thermae, peaceful moments to enjoy!


The water of Bibione thermal spring will help you to relax yourselves, rediscover your vital forces, take care of your beauty and enjoy peaceful moments, thanks to its natural and invaluable elements.

The use of thermal baths in Bibione, together with wellness and beauty treatments, is an integrated part of the natural landscape and involves all senses, in a cozy, eco-friendly and modern environment: Bibione Thermae.

It all started at the end of the 70’s, when was discovered a spring of thermal water, 400 mt deep, in the backcountry of Bibione, only some kilometres far from the beach. The thermal spring receives natural heat from the earth, achieving a temperature of more than 50° and has therapeutic properties, recognised also by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Thermal Baths were founded according to an architectural project with full respect of the natural environment. The green pine forest, the golden sand and the blue sea are essential parts for the body and mind treatments.
The final touch is given by bright rooms, soft-coloured furniture and by the kindness and attention of our staff.

Waters to rediscover your body health with special treatments for children, a unique characteristic of Bibione Thermae. You will benefit from balneotherapy, mud and inhalation treatments, together with medical diagnostics, physiotherapy and a rehabilitation service.

There are still more treatments to eliminate toxins, to tone up your body and to relax your mind: Turkish baths, herbal baths, salt baths, emotional showers, saunas, massages and salt cabin. And you can’t miss the indoor thermal pool with funny water games.

You will also find an outdoor pool with a fantastic view of the sea. You can enjoy Bibione Thermae all year round.


At the Spa with your kids: the benefits of a seaside holiday

At the Bibione spa you can find treatments for children suffering from respiratory and allergic diseases, always without forgetting fun and relaxation. Many people, in fact, suffer from allergies often caused by the high level of smog in the city.

The paediatric ward, with rooms specifically designed and furnished for younger guests, is equipped with the latest technologies; while a qualified staff of ear, nose and throat specialists will follow a first introductory visit and prescribe the best treatment for your child.

The treatments are personalized: along with aerosols and inhalations, at the Spa your children can also receive nebulisation treatments, which are especially suitable for smaller children because they do not require them to sit still in front of an inhalation device, and therefore they are more easily accepted by our young patients.

Treatment is given to children from the age of three: the young patients are monitored with tympanometry techniques at the beginning and at the end of the therapy to test its results.
The microclimate of Bibione favours thalassotherapy, from which the children can benefit, thanks to the close contact with the sea.

Treating your children at the spa does not mean sacrificing your holiday: the ward is always open and the medical staff is on duty both in the morning and in the afternoon, allowing families to organise their day, including time for the beach, fun and relaxation, without depending on limited opening hours.


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