Have you already heard about the existence of a little ferry which connects the beach of Bibione to that of Lignano Sabbiadoro?

Well, this initiative began during summer 2018 and, as it saw a big number of tourists ready to cross the Tagliamento river in order to reach the close Lignano, it’s still running. The particular and more appreciated thing is that you are allowed to bring with you your bicycle on the ferry and, once set foot in Lignano, you have the possibility to reach the red lighthouse at the end of Sabbiadoro beach, walking or cycling through a wonderful seafront path.

If you are in Bibione and you’d like to try this experience, you just have to follow the trail on the left side of Bibione’s lighthouse.

The ferry, which name is X-River, works everyday from 9.00 am till 7.00 pm (Summer 2020: from 27th June to September) 


Additional information:

Comune di San Michele al Tagliamento

Bibione Official Website


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